Our History

Our Vision is coming to life…

Even though we have be breeding and driving since 1993, we are slowly expanding our business to offer carriage hire and have a lot more exciting stuff to come.

Our History
  • 1993 – From humble beginnings, my passion for the heavy horses started to become a reality with my first purchase – Kuldene Judith.
  • 1993 – Our first foal was born – Shiralee Jethro – he only lived for 36 hours.
  • 1994 –  Shiralee Jaqueline was born (grandmother of Sherman aka Shiralee Highland Guard)
  • 1996 – Our First registered colt foal that would be sold was born – Shiralee Pegasus.
  • 1997 – Attended our agricultural first show.
  • 2007 – We became serious about the show ring. 9 Foals were due but only 6 made it.
  • 2015 –  Planning a five year plan to bring yester-year into today begins.
  • 2015 – The collection of blacksmiths equipment, wheel wright equipment and other historical items began in earnest.
  • 2015 – Visits to and training from the ‘fella’s’ in the know begins.
  • 2015 – Wedding Carriage business takes off better than before..
  • 2016 – Excitement builds as does our collections – bookings are coming in, not only for weddings but also the big events in tourism.

Future Dream

2017 / 2018   – A fully functioning Working Farm come Tourist Park.

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